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8 Of The Most Stylish Doughnut Wall Ideas

The rise of the doughnut wall has been meteoric. Whether as an alternative to wedding cakes or as evening party pick-me-up treats, doughnut walls are proving an increasingly popular option for wedding food.

One of the advantages of doughnuts is that they’re eminently portable. Guests don’t have to faff around with cake knives, plates and crumbs, instead they can simply help themselves when they’re feeling peckish or in the mood for a sugar rush. Doughnuts are generally budget-friendly and come in a variety of flavours and finishes (gotta love sprinkles!). And you can still have doughnuts if you’re planning for vegan wedding food, because there are plant-based versions available from bakeries including Crosstown Bakery, Ruby’s of London and Doughnut Town.

What’s more, doughnut walls are one of our favourite wedding decor ideas. Whether you decide to hire a wall, ask your caterer to create one for you or go completely DIY and make your own, there are so many beautiful display options. If you’re into your Insta, remember that doughnut walls are social media gold. You’ll probably find guests posing in front of yours as they would with a flower wall – but unlike flower walls, the doughnuts will be eaten, so there’s less waste!

To help you get inspired, we’ve rounded up the best-looking doughnut walls from Pinterest. Warning: these will cause doughnut cravings…

1. Pretty in pinkDouhnuts on a pink wooden stand

Beautiful flowers in ice cream hues and a pink display board make this doughnut wall utterly enchanting. We also like the mix of doughnuts displayed on the wall and on stands – as with any wedding decor, having elements at different heights adds interest.

2. Pegboard perfection

Doughnut wall with a wedding cake a sweets in jars

Wondering how to make a doughnut wall for your wedding? The DIY answer is simple: use pegboard, so all you have to do is hang the doughnuts from the hooks. As you can see, you don’t have to choose between doughnut walls or wedding cake – in this example, the wall makes the perfect backdrop to the cake, with jars of sweets for an extra sugar rush.

3. Good clean punDoughnuts displayed on wooden board with 'hole lotta love' written at the top

We love a good wedding pun, and there’s plenty of potential for laughs with a doughnut wall. As well as “‘Hole’ lotta love”, we’ve seen “Doughnut worry, be happy”, “Doughnuts about you”, “You make me hole”, “You drive me glaze-y”, “We put a ring on it” and “Hole-y matrimony” … We could go. Cheesy? Yes. But if you can’t have a bit of fun at your wedding, when can you?

4. Ace of hearts

White heart-shaped board with doughnuts hanging from it

We’ve seen a lot of rectangular or square doughnut walls, but those aren’t the only option – choose something that fits with your theme, if you have one, or something generally wedding-suitable like this heart.

5. Colour co-ordinated

White doughnut wall with pastel doughnuts

You might decide to match your doughnuts to your colour scheme – if so, display them on a white wall so they really pop.

6. Light the way

Wooden doughnut wall draped with fairy lights

Add fairy lights to your doughnut wall to ensure your guests don’t miss it, particularly when it’s unveiled while the dancing’s going on.

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7. Layer upDoughnuts on shelves

Got a lot of doughnuts to display? Shelves could be the way forward – particularly if they look as good as these! Choosing the shelf option also means you can include more information for guests about the different flavours.

8. Mirror, mirror

Doughtnuts hanging from a mirror

Mirrors make for great table plans – and they can also look pretty fantastic as the base for your doughnut wall! Scour markets to see if you can pick up a vintage bargain.

Want doughnuts at your wedding but not convinced by the wall set-up? Here are 24 alternative ways to serve your doughnuts.

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